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VIDEO: A chat with Example, backstage at The Big Chill

August 24, 2011 Features, Interviews No Comments

We caught up with Example at The Big Chill Festival backstage – he was nearly exactly midway through his run of festivals. Here’s what happened…

Here is a full review of The Big Chill , if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Muso’s Guide meets Her Majesty & The Wolves’ Kimberly Wyatt and Spencer Nezey

August 2, 2011 Features, Interviews No Comments

We caught up with the new project of The Pussycat Dolls’ Kimberly Wyatt, Her Majesty and The Wolves – a dance-pop duo formed with Spencer Nezey.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Fight Like Apes talk bodysuits, Jenny Kelly and Slash

We caught up with Fight Like Apes backstage at T In The Park. Here’s what happened:

To see our full T In The Park 2011 coverage, you can click anywhere (anywhere!) on this line.

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INTERVIEW: Wolf Gang at T In The Park

We caught up with Wolf Gang at T In The Park, and here’s what happened:

You can take a peek at the rest of our T In The Park 2011 coverage by clicking on any of the words on this line. … Continue Reading

VIDEO INTERVIEW: we talk Spice Girls, videos and being popstars with Parade

We met new-fave girl group Parade backstage at Wireless 2011 – here’s what happened:

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On Margate Sounds: a preview

August 20, 2010 News No Comments
On Margate Sounds

On Margate Sounds

Well here’s something that caught MG’s eye… it’s a one-dayer in Margate, by the name of On Margate Sounds – and it’s taking place at one of the smallest theatres in the world.

There’s music and audio-visuals too, and the audience are also encouraged to become collaborators, bringing their own recorded contributions or noise-making offerings to be used by the artists. What a treat! And the end goal? An online sound library – attendees will be given a CD-R memento of the day with the sounds collected, forming the library’s start-point. Fancy. … Continue Reading

De Affaire Festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands

July 27, 2010 Gig, Reviews No Comments

de affaire 2July 18-23, 2010

What’s there not to love about the De Affaire Festival in Nijmegen? It’s free and, for seven evenings straight, bands from all over the world come to perform. From metal to indie to folk to avant-garde, everything but mainstream pop is represented. It is linked to the 4 Daagse (a four day walking event where people walk forty or fifty miles each day, for four days straight). Yes, everybody is crazy this side of the pond.

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The Weekly Froth #33

June 15, 2010 Columns No Comments
crystal castles

crystal castles

Our weekly look into the blogosphere where we talk about six tracks we found out about in the previous Wednesday-to-Wednesday seven-day period.

Track of the week: ‘Suffocation’ by Crystal Castles (Memory Tapes remix)

I always feel slightly ashamed when I have to say that I don’t fancy Crystal Castles that much, because it kind of seems the thing to do. I do love Memory Tapes though, and I do love that band a whole bunch (me is the proud owner of a first edition vinyl of the album). So this could go either way. You would think. But I was lucky enough to have a little interview with the man behind Memory Tapes and so I know how he does his remixes. And the thing is, he doesn’t look at the original at all. He just looks at the components and creates a remix off of that. So in essence, it will definitely be more his aesthetic that will be shining through than that of Crystal Castles. Which, for me personally, is a good thing. So no surprise here, I do love this one. It has got a bit of that dreamy vibe that I love so much and which I think is just so great to listen to while walking around at night. If you want to bounce off of each other on the dance floor then this probably isn’t going to make you happy. But if you like the dreamy, fantastical vibe, then this might just be for you. It definitely is for me, in any case. Also, nifty drumming. … Continue Reading

Singles of the Week: A World Cup Special

June 7, 2010 Reviews, Single 1 Comment
Terry Venables - If I Can Dream

Terry Venables - If I Can Dream

The single.  A mighty art form that reignites fond memories that hark back to Saturdays as a youngster, pocket money in hand, marvelling at the wall of cassette tapes laid out in the order of the Top 40 in Woolworths.  Which ones to choose? The song that’s been playing on the radio all week? The one your mates have been banging on about? The one your crush said they liked?

If you were a young muso, perhaps it was more about the band than the song (particularly in the case of the Britpop Battle of the Bands circa 1995).  Sometimes, in a moment of madness, you endorsed an awful song released by, say, Zig and Zag, Mr. Blobby… Bob The Builder, even. … Continue Reading

The Weekly Froth #24

April 6, 2010 Columns No Comments
The Juan MacLean

The Juan MacLean

Our weekly look into the blogosphere where we talk about six tracks we found out about in the previous Wednesday-to-Wednesday seven-day period.

Track of the week:

‘Feel So Good’ by The Juan MacLean

In case they ever get tired of doing ‘Happy House’ (which I don’t hope because that song kills) they already have its replacement in place. This song will appear on John MacLean’s DJ Kicks, and it’s an absolute corker! It’s just ten minutes of pure dance mania, super catchy, and I can’t get enough of it really. One of the best tunes this year so far in my book. I just love that band, and live they are simply magnificent. Now, to support the DJ Kicks release John MacLean will appear behind the turntables throughout Europe, so be sure to be there. I believe he’s going to do a set with Horse Meat Disco in London, and if that doesn’t get you dancing nothing will I think. Not quite as great as the live version of ‘Happy House’ (which is twenty minutes of madnesssss), but I’m not sure anything is up to that really. Big love! … Continue Reading

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