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Django Django, Glasgow, O2 ABC

October 30, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Kenny McMurtrie

October 25, 2012

Never has it been so safe to travel to Glasgow from Edinburgh for a gig, it would seem. Gone are the exciting days of potentially missing the last train home if you stayed on to demand an encore, as you’re lucky if gigs go on past ten o’clock now. All rather un-rock‘n’roll, but the heady mix of rampant capitalism and council curfews, at least in the larger venues, looks to be neutering the experience. Who cares though? Last night was too cold to be shuffling about the town if you were too late to get to Queen Street Station and those that have never had to rush off early won’t miss what they’ve not known. Still, it doesn’t half make gigs less of an event. … Continue Reading

James Yorkston, London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

October 10, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Robert Freeman

September 24, 2012

Permanently becaptacled James Yorkston writes interesting and strange songs that weave the personal with the anecdotal, oral tradition*, and so-called ‘tall tales.’ Yorkston is a product of his environment, fashioning beautiful pop music out of the landscape of the sea, the mist and the tides. As a live act he succeeds in balancing the sombre and personal with an irreverence and humour that is truly endearing. … Continue Reading

In Pictures: Frightened Rabbit, Selkirk, Victoria Hall

October 2, 2012 Events, Features, Gig, Reviews No Comments

September 25, 2012

Here’s a few pictures from Frightened Rabbit’s recent hometown show in Selkirk. Support on the night came from Glasgow’s Olympic Swimmers. Frightened Rabbit’s State Hospital EP is out now via Atlantic Records. All photos by Julia Stryj—more of Julia’s work can be found here.

… Continue Reading

The Third Degree, London, Floridita

September 25, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Matthew Jones

September 20, 2012

It is something of a cliché to say that great musicians sound unimaginably greater live. Stevie Wonder and Geno Washington are some personal proofs of this general rule. When I first heard The Third Degree’s northern-soul take on Duffy’s ‘Mercy’, I wanted to see them live immediately. Although I did not expect this virtually unknown band to top the big names, as an originally one-off collective that impressed enough to become part of Tri-Sound’s mission to “bring back ‘real’ music,” I eagerly awaited seeing them live. But my wish finally having been granted by their Acid Jazz (the band’s new label) EP launch, I am sad to discover that great musicians can also be much smaller in person. … Continue Reading

Jens Lekman, London, Hackney Empire

September 24, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Nick Levine

September 20, 2012

The plush, and notably seated surroundings of the Hackney Empire, the location for this evening’s performance, indicate that Jens Lekman has broken out of the indie pop realm and has become part of the wider singer songwriter establishment. For the occasion Lekman is flanked by a four piece band consisting of a bassist, piano player and violinist. All are decked out in matching Persil white sneakers, with Lekman going for the ultra geeky combo of suit and baseball cap.

… Continue Reading

In Pictures: Calexico, London, HMV Forum

September 21, 2012 Features, Gig, Reviews No Comments

Here’s a few photos from Calexico’s recent show at London’s HMV Forum. The band’s latest album, Algiers, is out now via City Slang. All photos by Richie Soans (@RichSoansPhotos). … Continue Reading

El-P, London, Scala

September 18, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Russell Warfield

September 12, 2012

Earlier this year, during the should-be triumphant week of the release of his long awaited (and frankly stunning) Cancer 4 Cure LP, El-P sadly had to cancel a string of European shows, owing to the sudden loss of a loved one. Just a few months later, and El-P is back in the UK, honouring the gigs he missed – and, not that I’d want to claim any sort of serious insight into Meline’s state of mind, it really did feel like El-P was riding a cathartic high during his set tonight. Wide eyed and giddy throughout, with a restless sense of physical energy, Meline explodes across the stage, displaying a sincerely genuine sense of thankfulness towards the audience and, more bluntly, seeming that he was having a fucking brilliant time. No drugs, he confirms, a little alcohol, he concedes, but he was clearly riding the most exhilarating wave of ecstatic release, even becoming so intoxicated off his own atmosphere to completely ignore the British smoking ban. … Continue Reading

Grimes, London, Heaven

September 11, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

By Russell Warfield

September 6, 2012

People debate the merits of Grimes’ live show – as with so many artists plying a similar craft – completely independently of her actually playing a single note on stage. Creating music she once misguidedly (read: irritatingly) described as being ‘post-internet’, built from loops, drum machines, and vocal filters, plenty of people are swift to deride Grimes’ live performances as being ‘just pressing buttons’, or ‘karaoke’ simply in principle, let alone once faced with the reality of what some attendees took to be a string of amateurish and disappointingly short sets over the past year. Whether or not these accusations have actually touched a nerve, Grimes comes armed with more than her sequencers tonight – using a pulverising light show, confetti, balloons and even a set-long pole dance routine to enhance the sense of occasion of a set which could all too easily fall victim to criticisms of being little more than the-record-but-louder. … Continue Reading

Africa Express, Cardiff, Cardiff University

September 10, 2012 Gig, Reviews No Comments

Africa Express

By Matt Jones

Africa Express is not your average gig. Originally formed as Damon Albarn’s angry reaction to the lack of African artists in the 2005 ‘Live 8’ concerts, it is an almost innumerable collective of African and Western musicians, currently touring the country via its own rail service. … Continue Reading

In Pictures: The View, HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

September 5, 2012 Events, Features, Gig, Reviews No Comments

Here’s a few photos from The View’s recent gig in Edinburgh. Their latest album, Cheeky for a Reason, is out now on Cooking Vinyl. Support on the night came from Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher and The Razz. All photos by Julia Stryj—more of Julia’s work can be found here… Continue Reading

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