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Q&A With King Prawn’s Nikolai Jones

February 17, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews 4 Comments

By Jono Coote

February 17, 2014

King Prawn, who came to prominence in the UK’s ska punk scene in the 1990s and 2000s, have acquired a legendary status over time. Blending multiple musical styles with often sharp political comment has won the band a legion of fans and, since officially reforming 2012, the band have delighted fans with a string of live dates which included a slot at the Reading and Leeds festival last year. Ahead of their performance at the London International Ska Festival on April 20th, and following the recent news of their Sunday night headline slot at Bearded Theory Festival (22-25th May 2014), it’s high time for Muso’s Guide to catch up with drummer Nikolai Jones for a few words. … Continue Reading

Q&A With Blood Red Shoes’ Steven Ansell

February 13, 2014 Articles, Features, Interviews 3 Comments

By Adam Long

February 13, 2014

Blood Red Shoes, born out of the ashes of Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter‘s previous bands in 2004, have continued to grow in stature since the release of their first single, ’Victory For The Magpie’ in July 2005. In the following eight years, the Brighton duo have released three acclaimed albums, Box of Secrets (2008), Fire Like This (2010), and In Time To Voice(2012), and March 3rd 2014 will see the release of their self-titled fourth album. Recorded over a period of six months in Berlin, the record was entirely produced and recorded by the band, and mixed by legendary US producer John Agnello. Muso’s Guide caught up with one half of the band, Steven Ansell, for a chat ahead of the album’s release.
… Continue Reading

Festival Preview : Live At Leeds 2014

February 3, 2014 Articles, Features, Festivals 3 Comments

By Georga Felcey

February 3, 2014

Live At Leeds returns once again over the first weekend of May this year. Georga Felcey attended the event preview for us so feast your eyes below on what you can expect from the even this time around. … Continue Reading

The Weekly Froth!

DarksideBy Stef Siepel

October 20, 2013

The Weekly Froth! A weekly take on six tracks, most of which have recently popped up somewhere in the blogosphere. Bit of a mixed bag with a slight leaning towards house, disco, and remixes, but generally just anything that for some reason tickled the writer’s fancy. … Continue Reading

Norwich State of Mind

September 16, 2013 Articles, Features 19 Comments


By Richard Wink

September 16, 2013

I was at work chatting to the CCTV operator about music one dull Sunday shift a couple of months ago. The operator’s tastes tended to be more on the metallic and thrashy side, and we mused about the merits of Dio-era Black Sabbath. Our conversation was interrupted by a startling sight as, when flicking through the cameras, he came across a gaggle of lads huddled in a dishevelled Sports branded half circle. … Continue Reading

Let’s Hear It For The Tapes: Cassette Store Day 2013

September 5, 2013 Articles, Features 1 Comment

Cat Schaupp 

September 5, 2013


Ah, yes. Crouching beside the stereo, finger hovering over the ‘record’ button, waiting to record your favourite songs from the Top 40 off the radio. Sticking a pencil into one of the spools and winding in metres of glistening tape pulled loose by a hungry, malfunctioning tape deck. The pleasure of flipping open a customised box to eagerly read the track listing scrawled inside. You remember them too, don’t you? … Continue Reading

The Polka Problem: A Briton in Favour of Canada’s Live Music Law

September 2, 2013 Articles, News 3 Comments

Happy Wanderers: The Shmenge Brothers have risen to fame since arriving in the UK in the early 1990s

By Matt Jones

September 2, 2013

Last week, it was brought to the world’s attention that Canada has introduced new laws affecting small clubs and live venues across the country. According to The Calgary Herald, “the new rules, which quietly came into effect July 31, will double, triple or even quadruple the cost of bringing in international artists to perform in bars, restaurants or coffee shops” across the country, affecting “any venue with a primary business other than music but which also books bands or performers”. … Continue Reading

40 Years of Hip-Hop: Peace, Unity, Love and I STARTED IT!

August 28, 2013 Articles, Features, News 3 Comments

By Matt Jones

This month, the world is marking the 40th anniversary of hip-hop. For many this will simply and justifiably be an opportunity to party – to enjoy the music for its own sake, with others who feel the same way. But for many others, hip-hop is not just a genre, but a culture which goes far beyond the music itself. … Continue Reading

On The Road With The YHA And The Intermission Project

By Cat Schaupp

August 5, 2013

7 nights, 700 miles, 5 hostels, 3 musicians.

Today marks the start of a very exciting adventure, as up-and-coming band The Intermission Project join the YHA (Youth Hostelling Association) and buckle in for a seven day road trip around South England and Wales. Leaving from YHA St.Paul’s in London later today, the band will be taking to the road in a custom 1970s camper van and casting some of their acoustic folk magic in some of the country’s prettiest spots, as well as getting involved in some local, fun, and extreme activities that will be broadcast on social media. … Continue Reading

The Return Of The Stone Roses

By Rob Crozier 

June 17, 2013

“I don’t need to sell my soul, he’s already in me.”

The opening line to The Stone Roses‘ ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ has been following us around for over 20 years. At times during the intervening years, the Stone Roses must have felt like they were following in the Delta Blues tradition of musicians like Robert Johnson, who allegedly made deals with the devil. Or perhaps the lyric is a nod to the signing of their disastrous contract with manager Gareth Evans; an event which many feel led to the Roses’ untimely demise. … Continue Reading

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